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Earthley’s Herbal Clubs

Right now, we’re in the middle of a reawakening.  An herbal revival, if you will.

So many mamas are realizing that we’re living in a toxic world with less-than ideal health options.  And these mamas are looking for better ways.  They’re turning back to the earth and seeking the knowledge of our ancestors to keep themselves — and their families — healthy.

But it’s not easy.

Once knowledge is lost, it can feel impossible to find it again.  And the mainstream hiding this knowledge on social media and in search engines isn’t helping any.  It can feel overwhelming to know where to start, or what to do.

Our only solution is to take matters into our own hands…with a strong, grassroots presence, and to connect those who know, with those who want to know.

Welcome to Earthley’s Herbal Club.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple.

We’ll help connect mamas in different areas throughout the country to form clubs.  (We’ll also work with existing clubs.)  These clubs should meet at least monthly to work on herbal lessons, but can choose to meet more frequently for play dates, coffee dates, and to form lasting friendships.

We’ll provide to each club a series of monthly, herbal lessons.  These lessons can be downloaded on our site for free.

All each club needs to do is have a designated leader to host the meeting, print out the material, and lead the conversation.  No prior herbal knowledge is required, and hosts can rotate monthly if the group prefers.

When mamas come together and are able to share information and learn in a hands-on way, that knowledge becomes practical and a part of their repertoire!

What’s In the Herbal Lessons?

The first month is a general getting-to-know-you packet for new groups, to set the tone for what the group will be about and generate discussion about current natural health knowledge.

Every month after that will be centered around a Featured Herb.  This herb will be a common or not-so-common (but awesome) herb that is easy to use, versatile, and safe.  In each packet will be:

  • An herbal profile, with detailed information about the featured herb (historical use, safety, main chemical components, and more)
  • A featured “carrier product” like glycerin, oil, or butter, and its properties and how to use it
  • A featured herbal preparation method, and how to do it
  • 2 – 3 simple DIY recipes using the featured herb
  • Conversation Cards, to spark discussion about the herb, and natural health in general

This packet can be printed at home, and we’ll include instructions on how to get the best print quality (if possible) and how to structure and lead the meeting for the best outcome.  We’ll also provide online support if leaders have questions about the information.

The goal is for each member to create a binder or folder of herbal profiles, and a recipe file of natural remedies, so that whenever they’re needed — there they are!  We want members to grow in their herbal knowledge, and feel confident in treating most simple issues at home.

Will I Need Additional Supplies?

Our herbal education packets are FREE.  If your club prefers, you can download them and share them to members digitally, and plan to have members try DIY projects on their own.  This would be entirely free and easy to do.

We recommend purchasing some additional supplies (the dry herb, plus possibly oils, butters, wax, glycerin, or alcohol — depending on the month’s projects) in order to actually make one or more of the DIY projects together at the meeting.  Members will be much more likely to try the recipes and feel confident in their herbal knowledge if they are able to learn together!

We will have resources available for these herbal supplies soon — and feel free to ask us for support here.

Members will also need access to a basic kitchen and kitchen equipment (measuring spoons and cups, jars, saucepans, stove, etc.).

The Earthley Buying Club

This is an optional add-on!  Our main goal is to provide you with free herbal education, and empower you to use herbs and take care of your own health.

However, we recognize that some people are not very DIY-oriented, or do not have the time to prepare all the herbal remedies they would like to have.  For those cases, we would like to offer an Earthley buying club.

Members would be able to purchase products as a group, from Earthley, and have those products shipped to a leader’s house to be distributed.  Benefits include:

  • Monthly ordering (if the club decides to do so)
  • FREE shipping on group orders
  • 5% discount on orders over $250 (per club)
  • 10% discount on orders over $500 (per club)

Save money on getting high-quality natural remedies delivered to you!

Ready to Sign Up?

If this sounds amazing, and you’re ready to take your natural health knowledge to the next level, fill out the form below.  We’ll connect you with a group in your area or help you to start one.  (We can also provide herbal packets to existing groups, starting on March 1 — fill out the form and let us know you have a group.)

Still have questions?  Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we’re happy to help!